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1st french mermaid !

600.000 followers on YouTube !

 "If you can dream it,
there's some way to do it"
- Walt Disney

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My story

    My Story    


Bonjour ! I'm Claire and I'm the first french professionnal mermaid 🧜‍♀️ 

I have created this job in France, and now I'm a full time mermaid performer : I'm an underwater actress for movies and video clips, I create underwater shows for aquariums and make my own realistic mermaid tails !

The mermaid myth is a true passion for me, so I did two master thesis and pursued a pHd on this subject. 

In 2021, I even  wrote a book  about mermaiding and my mermaid life for the great publishing house Larousse !

You can see me all year round at the Aquarium of Paris, near to the Eiffel tower ! I'm the resident mermaid here, it's like my second home 🌊

My goal in life is to create the dream and wonder ✨


Join me and dive into my aquatic and magic world 💙


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Mermaid shows schedule




    My Book   

My book

You want to become a mermaid ? 🧜‍♀️


I wrote a book about my mermaid secrets 💙

I'm the author about the first french book about mermaiding  ✨

You can find it in bookstores in France, Belgium, Swiss and Canada 📚

Or you can buy it there : 

Amazon :

Fnac :

The book is only in french. If you are an editor and interested to translate it and sell it in your country you can contact my publishing house : 

Éditons Larousse :

Social Medias

Social Medias
  • Youtube claire la sirene
  • Tiktok claire la sirene
  • Instagram claire la sirene
  • Facebook Claire la Sirene

Be on social medias is a full part of my job ! I have more than one million followers all networks combined. 

You can see beautiful mermaid stories on my Youtube channel, see my mermaid pictures on Instagram, laugh with my TikTok... 

Follow my

aquatic adventures ! 

  • Youtube claire la sirene

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Contact 2


To send me letters : 

Claire la Sirène

Aquarium de Paris

5 avenue Albert de mun

75016 Paris

Merci pour votre envoi !

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