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   Mermaid Shows


Aquarium mermaid shows

Aquarium mermaid shows

These last years I have performed more than 1000 underwater aquarium shows ! I can create the mermaid show of your dreams, adapted to your wishes and your tank ✨


-Aquarium shows creation and performances

-Professionnal diver diplomas, professionnal medical certification and insurances that allowed me to work underwater.

-Choice between several mermaid tails design.

-I work with other mermaid performers, and also singers, actors... whatever you need for your special show ✨

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Hire a mermaid !

Mermaid performance in a pool or on the land.

Available in France and abroad (based in Paris).


Mermaids and mermen team 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ 

- Photocall - birthdays - weddings - swimming pool show

- mermaids show or mermaid/merman duet   

- giant shell available or aquarium rental

- bachelorette party

Why choose me ?

I'm the leader on the french market, I work with amazing pro mermaids and mermen. I'm use to work for VIP events. 

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Underwater model / actress 

Underwater Model

I'm a model specialized in underwater photoshoots and filming. (Haute Couture, fashion, lingerie and swimsuits). 

I regularly perform as a mermaid, actress or stuntwoman in cinema movies, music videos, commercials.

More informations : 

measurements : 5.74 feet (1m75),  clothes size 36 (fr), shoes size 39 (fr). Bra : 34C (90C) / 90-63-90

Hair : Natural wavy blond hair long to the navel.

Eyes : Blue

Professionnal diving licence to work underwater in apnea, with and without bottle of oxygen or narguilee (I'm trained and experienced for each of them). 

Stuntwoman /doublure for underwater scenes.

Skills : Underwater acting - Underwater lipsync - underwater dance. I can hold my breath for 4 minutes in static. 


Mermaid school

Mermaid school
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You want to be a mermaid for one day ? Try mermaiding classes ! 

Turn yourself into a mermaid for a birthday, bachelorette party, or just for fun ! I will teach you how to swim like a mermaid during a magical course ✨

-Individual or collective courses for adults or children.

-fabric mermaid tail rental

-private or public swimming pool

-Thematic mermaid lessons

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Conferences & Dedications

Conferences and dedications

-  Two master thesis about the mermaid myth and mermaiding. 

- 5 years of pHD studies about the mermaid myth

- Author of the children tale "The three songs of the mermaid". Which is now a live show at the Aquarium of Paris. 

-Author of Sirene!, a book about mermaiding published by Larousse.

I wrote two master thesis about the mermaid myth and I love to speak about their amazing legends ! 

I would be happy to do some conferences about it and dedications for my book 💙

sirene livre underwater.jpg

Mermaid tails rental

Mermaid tails rental

Some of my silicone mermaid tails are available for rent. 

If possible I bring myself the choosen mermaid tail to help the model/ actress to wear it. 

A deposit check is required.

Pictures of the different silicone mermaid tails available for rent below : 

My mermaid tails are mold on my body, so they are at my specific measurements, they can fit to these morphologies :  clothes size 36 (fr) - The model must measure between 1m68 et 1m76. Maximum hips circumference  : 92cm

-Golden mermaid tail : Beautiful golden mermaid tail with a dorsal fin

-Blue mermaid tail : my favorite color !

-Green mermaid tail : If you want to look like Ariel

-Rainbow mermaid tail :  Beautiful and vibrant colors but tight ! Recommended for a size 34. 

Price : 300 euros each one per day.

costume or 3.jpg
Nageoire verte Ariel.jpg
rainbow mermaid 2.jpg


To send me letters :  

Claire la Sirène

Aquarium de Paris

5 avenue Albert de mun

75016 Paris

Thank you 💙

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